PC Optimization

It is frustrating when the computer breaks down and you are not able to use it. For that, we would optimize your computer and make it work better and faster! All computers have different configurations and need to be optimized differently. Also because everyone uses it for a different purpose so we optimize it according to your purpose. We provide customer support for all types of laptops and desktops.

Our Customer care team is not only highly qualified but also possess updated knowledge about the latest technologies by which we can optimize your computers.

These are the following steps in PC Optimization:

1. Boot Up Speed

By making sure that your boot-up programs are limited and just the ones which are necessary and useful to you we would be increasing the boot-up speed of your computer by disabling useless startup programs. And adding the programs which make your computer faster and don't slow them down!

2. Increase Performance of the Computer

By making sure that the computer doesn’t have programs which are useless and slowing it down the performance of the computer can be increased by removing unnecessary programs either temporarily or permanently.

3. Fast Startup

The computers need to startup faster and it would happen after they are optimized and Windows 10 offers this nifty feature to speed up your computer. When you shut down your PC, Windows will save an image of your loaded drivers and kernel in a separate file, called “fiberfill”. So when the system boots once more, the system simply reloads this file, thereby reducing startup time.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs.

It is desirable to uninstall programs which we no longer use. Sometimes, we install trial versions of software, which we then forget to remove, after the expiry of the trial period. Such projects take up memory and eventually slow down the computer.

5. Defragment Hard Drive.

By defragmenting hard drives your hard drives have a longer life and capability to run faster which in turn makes the life of your computer longer!

6. Regularly Perform Cleanup.

Disk Cleanup is a great built-in tool that Windows offers you. Using this, you can get rid of unnecessary files in your PC.

7. Change Power Settings.

Windows offers you a Power Plan and Settings Tool, which you can use to optimize the amount of power consumed by your PC. These plans help your computer save energy, to offer most extreme performance.

8. Change Windows Indexing.

Windows 8 maintains and constantly updates files and folders to return quicker search results. While this is convenient, keeping information

that you do not need often, could eventually end up slowing down your PC. Here is how you can disable indexing.

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