A scanner is an electronic device which is used to capture images from physical items and convert them into digital formats, which in turn can be stored in a computer, and viewed or modified using software applications. Different types of scanners are available with different resolutions. A scanner is an input device that scans documents which includes photos and pages of text. As an example, a scanner may be used to transform a published image, drawing, or file into a digital report which may be edited on a laptop. .

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There are four common types of scanner:

Flatbed Scanner :

A Flatbed scanner is an optical scanner which uses a flat Surface for scanning documents. The Flatbed Scanner is capable of capturing all elements on the document and does not require movement of the document.

Sheet-fed Scanner :

A sheet-fed scanner (also referred to as an automatic document scanner or ADF scanner) is a digital imaging system specifically designed for scanning loose sheets of paper, widely used by corporations to scan workplace documents and less often used by archives and libraries to scan books.

Handheld Scanner :

A handheld scanner, as the name suggests, refers to an electronic device that performs the same tasks as that of a flatbed scanner. It is used to scan physical documents into their digital forms that can be stored, edited, transferred and emailed digitally. This device is especially useful when space is a concern, as flatbed scanners tend to take up a large amount of space.

Drum Scanner :

A sort of scanner used to capture the highest resolution from an image. pictures and transparencies are taped, clamped or outfitted right into a clean drum that is spun at speeds exceeding 1,000 RPM in the course of the scanning operation.

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